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Smartphones & tablets: they're essential in our daily lives today. In fact, we wouldn't even be able to think about a world without these mobile devices. But the mobile revolution has impacted the professional environment as well. The step towards digital transformation in business is inevitable and creates numerous opportunities. And mobile plays a big part in this transformation.

How can mobile help your business? What are the challenges we face? And most of all, how do we tackle them?

On April 25th, Mobile: the next step in digital transformation will focus on just that. During an inspiring afternoon in the new building, De Krook in Ghent, you will get answers to all your questions!


What to expect?

12.00 - 13.00: A light lunch and some drinks, so we can kick off on full energy

13.00: Start of the sessions

  • Intro - Alex Dierickx
  • Mobile today and in the future - Thomas D'hooge (Unthinkable)
  • Digital @ work: mobile teams & mobile at work - Tim Leytens 
  • Use case: a practical example - Alex Dierickx & surprise guest 

16.30: Reception

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